Students’ Learning Need and Perceived Value in Selection of Educational Institutions Mediated by Satisfaction from Edu-Tourism Context in Malaysia

Authors: Mohammad Moshiur Rahman, Ahasanul Haque, Fatin Husna Suib, SMH Kabir
Received: 8 January 2021 / Accepted: 28 February 2021 / Published online: 21 March 2021


Edu-tourism and education encompass globalization involving the same history over the years. It has been identified that Malaysia has become a prominent destination among international students for affordable living cost and quality education. The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential of Edu-tourism sector in Malaysia and students’ perception towards the selection of a destination for education which fundamentally changes tourism dynamics and faces the challenges of redressing Edu- tourism. In this research, data were collected through survey questionnaires from a total number of 228 students which were undergraduate and postgraduate students. However, this primary study was directed to realize the factors which create an impact on students to select International Islamic University Malaysia as their foreign learning institute. Data were analyzed based on factor analysis and to test the suggested research hypotheses, structural equation modelling using AMOS was applied. It has been found that satisfaction mediates the relationship between students’ learning need and perceived value towards the selection of educational institute. Meanwhile, it ascertains guidelines for potential research on international educational tourism which will influence students’ perception towards Edu- tourism and promote a general process of combination through comprehensive learning into touristic way.
Keywords: Learning Need, Perceived Value, Satisfaction, Edu-tourism, Malaysia