Entrepreneurial Mindset in Post Era of Covid-19

Authors: Dr. A. K. M. Ahasanul Haque

Received: 02 May 2024 / Accepted: 05 May 2024 / Published online: 30 June 2024


A mindset of entrepreneurship is essential for both social and economic progress. Recently, very few scholars have concentrated on developing a strong entrepreneurial attitude. This short essay highlights the need to comprehend the thinking of businesses in post era of Covid-19 global health crisis. 


A variety of contexts lend itself to the use of an entrepreneurial mindset, including employment development, academic success, and non-profit and social endeavors (Canziani and Welsh, 2021). It involves more than just starting a company. It is the ability to spot opportunities for problem-solving without requiring the creation of novel technology, specialized training, or wide access to venture capital (Fernandez, 2021). This mindset starts and drives such behaviour when a person links his or her interests and abilities with the main goal of improving oneself or their immediate surroundings. 


Consumer demands have changed significantly since the Covid-19 period, which has forced many firms to reinvent themselves and develop new frameworks for risk and crisis management. More than ever, businesses need hypothesis-driven business models (Gasparin et al., 2020). These models ought to be mostly based on intuition, disruption, and insight, and they should cycle through trial and error until the requirements are met. Organizations must be able to identify long-term goals and make the appropriate decisions since doing so will not be feasible. 


Since it will be extremely impossible to foresee needs in this environment, leaders must manage the Coronavirus (Covid-19) as a whole event to address evolving medical, financial, economic, supply chain, and psychological ramifications in order to succeed in a lengthy remote context. Organizations need to take into account various business and operating models, including risk and crisis management frameworks, to remain adaptable in a highly unpredictable environment. By taking steps to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, International Journal of Innovative Research and Publications


marketers may, if needed, tap into a talent pool of creativity, ingenuity, imagination, innovation, and problem-solving skills. Innovation needs to be encouraged if plans that have already been put into action are to be modified quickly. It is advisable to develop future scenarios in several iterations, continuously modifying the model to account for shifting underlying assumptions.