Effects Of Mobile Banking On The Performance Of Islamic Microfinance Institutions In Bangladesh

Authors: Mohammad Niaz Morshed, Md Chapol Ali, S. M. Sadakatul Bari
Received: 28 October 2021 / Accepted: 15 November 2021 / Published online: 30 December 2021


This study examines the effect of mobile banking on performance of Islamic Microfinance Institutions (IMFIs) in Bangladesh which includes their efficiency and internal operations, staff productivity, communication, breadth and depth of outreach, financial sustainability and portfolio quality. A questionnaire survey method was used for collecting the relevant data (n=200) from the selected sample representing the study population. The findings of this study reveals that Mobile Banking (MB) has a significant and positive effect on the performance of Islamic Microfinance Institutions (IMFIs) in Bangladesh, and it is perceived from the results that MB could significantly improve the performance of IMFIs by increasing the efficiency, staff productivity, communication, outreach and financial sustainability except portfolio quality.
Keywords: Islamic Microfinance, Mobile-banking, Performance, Bangladesh